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Whether large or small, even retailers with over 25 staff can reduce both time loss and administrative overheads using electronic clocking systems and fully automated payroll.
With floor staff; packing staff; and management, retailers are challenged to reduce time loss. Store Management want to reduce time spent in offices on computers, and increase productivity on the floor as staff time is money.
Time clocks not only capture time savings from staff, they also automate payroll systems, enable accurate departmental costing and reduce administrative overheads dramatically. Our systems allow you to:

  • Capture time and attendance accurately: Electronically record the exact start, breaks and finish times of all staff, potentially reducing time loss and monitoring attendance with much closer precision.
  • Automate Payroll: Use electronic timesheet data to automate your payroll. This, in turn, will save significant administrative time and effort and streamline payroll processes, automating your award rates, loadings, penalties and conditions.
  • Real Time Departmental Costing: Attribute staff in, out and intermediate clocking times to departments to allow comprehensive departmental costing on a real time basis. Know exactly what your shop is costing you versus your checkouts etc...

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