Hotels and Hospitality

iStock_000057454228_DoubleUsing biometric technology to eliminate time theft provides control of the hotel and hospitality industries biggest variable overhead - labour costs. Individual departmental budgets also play a vital role in these industries. The ability to compare actual to budgeted costs immediately after events is the key to real profitability.
Time & Access' workforce solutions enable hotels and hospitality companies to monitor and reduce their staff costs on a real time basis; paying particular attention to realising productivity growth and cost savings.
Our systems allow you to:

  • Capture Timesheets Accurately: Electronically record the exact start and finish times of all staff, using biometric and swipe card based devices, potentially reducing time loss by approximately 15 minutes per staff member per day.
  • Automate Payroll: Use electronic timesheet data to automate payroll, fully automating the payment of all your award rates, penalties and loadings. This, in turn will save significant administrative time and effort whilst streamlining processes.
  • Automated Data Synchronisation: Synchronises with ERP and other production management systems, as well as automating electronic reporting for other business applications.
  • Real Time Departmental and Job Costing: Attribute staff overheads to specific jobs and areas to allow comprehensive job costing and productivity management on a real time basis.
  • Rostering and Labour Cost Forecasting: A simple, easy to use rostering system that provides historical and forecasted labour costs, with full award interpretation streamlines manpower planning and multi-level budgeting.

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