Enterprise SQL

Screenshot 2015-07-01 20.49.28Enterprise Workforce Management

Enterpise SQL is a comprehensive management tool that will help you gain greater control over workforce productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.

  • Automatically tracks employee time, wages and benefits
  • Applies your pay rules
  • Provides extensive payroll and management reports
  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Provides operational and productivity reports
  • Exports hours directly to most third party payroll providers
  • Supports an unlimited number of data collection terminals
  • Multiple concurrent user capability
  • Calculates shift penalties
  • Automated time clock polling and report generation
  • Includes an online approval editor
  • Forecasts payroll and job cost information
  • Budgets department and job labour
  • Advanced employee scheduler / roster
  • Breaks employee time down by division, department, job & step.

Eliminate payday panic by knowing exactly where your workforce time and dollars are spent.
Enterprise SQL integrates to your payroll, finance or EPR system, making payroll faster, more reliable and accurate

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