International Food Corporation

International Food Corporation Case Study

International Food Corporation achieves effective time management of over 400 local employees

Project: International Food Corporation – Installation of Time in Attendance Management solution using biometric HandPunch technology

Scope of works: Supply and install hardware and software for a fully automated Employee Attendance System.

International Food Corporation Ltd. was the first cannery in Papua New Guinea and was incorporated in 1992. The Company is the market leader in PNG for its canned Mackerel under the BESTA brand. As an expanding business International Food Corporation currently employ more than 400 local people.

Time & Access Systems PNG were engaged by International Food Corporation to supply and install an automated Employee Time and Attendance System throughout the company. Management at International Food Corporation said they were hoping to achieve the following as part of their engagement of Time & Access Systems PNG:-

  • To deal daily with the time IN and time OUT for each employee.
  • To be able to easily access the total number of employees on the Company site at any one time.
  • To achieve accurate time management.
  • Monitor the attendance of individual employees.
  • Monitor the absenteeism of individual employees.

International Food Corporation were asked about their overall experience working with Time & Access Systems PNG from initial contact to now, and management were more than happy to give their feedback. “The team are very helpful when anything comes our way where we cannot fix it. When we need to call Time and Access System, they always come back with a good response. They help us a lot with the system, just to keep us on track with our timesheets and reports. That is important to us here.”

“As with anything there can be issues that we need to work through,” our spokesperson from International Food Corporation said. Management flagged “employees not using the system correctly” as a problem that can occur within their business. If hand punches are not there or cannot be read they said generally management internally are able to deal with the issues, due to the extensive training they received on the system at installation. On the rare occasion there are issues that cannot be dealt with internally the response time and level of service offered from Time & Access Systems PNG is always more than satisfactory.

Since going live with the Time & Access system, International Food Corporation said they feel they have seen the following improvements within their business:-

  • A more efficient pay run.
  • Monitoring employees present on their particular days of work.
  • Improved time management overall.

Which are exactly the outcomes they were hoping for when the system was installed.

International Food Corporation said that the data collection from the Time & Attendance system is invaluable for any Human Resource Department and said they would definitely recommend Time & Access Systems PNG to other industry contacts.

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