Access Control

access controlEliminate unauthorized overtime

Limit designated areas to authorized personnel

  • Lock out unauthorised personnel
  • Lock out tardiness and early birds
  • Have your employees punch IN /OUT when and where they are supposed to according to company policies, not their own
  • Force late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor in order to punch
  • Control punching by employee, time of day and day of week
  • Automate the Guard tour log process
  • Activate any type of relay-activated device, door, gate, light or other
  • Receive alerts if a door is left open or when a door closes
  • Limit everyone access to all areas of your operation or to specific areas only
  • Greet your employees with a friendly message
  • The Access control software generates reports so your supervisors can see who has accessed specific areas

Get control back over your operation and minimise risk and theft by using our Access Control System!

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